It is said that forests are the lungs of our planet. And this is indeed the truth. Right now our lungs are under huge pressure – forest fires, deforestation and a changing climate is all threatening the well-being of our grand oxygen-machines.

I want to take action

I want to use the attention this kind of trip may bring, to raise awareness of something that is very close to my heart; trees. I’m not sure I can think of anything more incredible than tress actually. Trees are like natural skyscrapers, they make room for lots of organisms to roam, contribute with growth to the surrounding society and they can also be very tall. But of course, a standard skyscraper does not have the crazy ability to create oxygen and cool down the earth without any human interaction and you definitely can’t chup a skyscraper down and make a cozy campfire! Trees are magnificent. And in the fight against global climate change, they might be one of our best weapons.

So grab yourself a fucking baobab-seed and fire up your tree canon, because we are gonna make a green revolution!!!

Okay, okay! No violence! But I would really like to, not just feed my abnormous appetite for adventures, but also be able to actually positively contribute to the places I come along.

Coming from Denmark, I hold quite a privilege compared to most other people around the world. Social inequality is growing bigger for every decade and I am well aware of my luck coming from a rich country. I hold the priviledge to both dream about and actualizing a trip like this. And for that, I want to try and give something back.

I dream about planting 1 tree for every 10km I do on my bike.
The price of the process of planting one single tree – from collecting the seed and until the tree can survive on its own, is about 6 euros, so that means that I have to raise 6 euros for every 10 kilometers. And for that to succeed, I need your help!!

So if you want to help fight global warming and conserve and rehabilitate some of our planet’s most vulnerable and precious natural habitats, then join me and make a donation (or bring your bicycle and ride along with me)!

The money raised will be donated to World Land Trust, which is an organization working for the conservation and protection of natural areas worldwide. WLT works by acquiring land for conservation and rehabilitation. WLT does not own or manage any of the purchased areas but helps local communities and organizations with funding for the purchase of the land and gives the rights of the natural reserve to the local people of the area. So they assist local NGOs with the management and regeneration of the land, making sure that the area will stay conserved and thriving!
The work of World Land Trust is a direct way to fight global warming by conserving and regenerating the lungs of the earth – making sure that these will keep sucking up the CO2 from our atmosphere many years to come! And also fight the extinction of wild species – plants, and animals. Conserving and protecting our precious biodiversity!

Let’s make that green revolution! Heya!

Support the project by donating, joining the ride for a few kilometers or by spreading the word of the importance of forest conservation and rehabilitation to your friends and family!

The money donated will be used to keep the project running, this also means food, supplies, repairs, etc. – and all excess money will be donated directly to World Land Trust.

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