My name is Isabella Seedorff and I am planning to travel the world by bicycle! At the same time I want to raise money for tree planting, rehabilitation, and conservation of natural areas around the world, working together with the organization World Land Trust. I want to see the world, and what better way to do that than on two wheels?

The girl

Here seen somewhere in the northern part of Denmark with a broken wrist and a happy face 🙂

A lover of the planet, of being outdoor and of meeting people (and animals!). She has been fighting for the environment ever since she found out that there were people screwing with the nature that she loved so deeply.
She’s an extreme optimist which makes her especially good at dreaming about crazy projects – but mixed with a great deal of stubbornness – she usually succeeds in what she puts her mind to.
She has been practicing the art of “Dear diary” almost since she first got a pen in her hands and story-telling, either through words, pictures or film, is among some of her favorite things to do.
She dreams of a future at a slower pace, with far more respect for human- and planetary limits. A world where people and nature are put before profit and where there is no need for military.

Traveling on two wheels

Traveling by bicycle requires patiens, warm clothes, strenght – and the ability to laugh at yourself when you still can’t figure out how to connect the gas in your Trangia.

The reason that I have chosen the bicycle as my transportation, is that I want to leave as little negative footprint on the places I visit as possible. And the bicycle is by far the most environmentally friendly transportation and also maybe the most beautiful way to experience the world! In this way, I believe that I will be able to experience much more from the places I visit and really dive in to the culture, the people and nature. This also allow me to get close with local communities and hopefully it will give me a chance to give back, either by offering my labor or just help in any other way I can.
It will be a huge challenge both physically and mentally, but I want to try and I believe I can do it!

I plan to carry a tent and sleep out of hotels as much as possible. I will carry all my gear on the bicycles – hopefully, it won’t get too heavy :O I plan to buy bicycle bags or maybe carry a teeny tiny trailer.
Sleeping outside and riding in temperatures ranging from -20 to +40, means a lot of gear for every kind of weather. Interesting… 🙂

The route so far

Denmark is a cycling paradise, probably not going to see many routes like this going east 🙂

(still very much under construction!):
Starting in Denmark and going through Europe – across Russia to Kazahkstan – from Kazahkstan, following the ancient Silk Road as much as possible all the way to China. Possibly going through Mongolia as well. Thinking of proceeding to India and other parts of southeast Asia. And then who knows, maybe jumping on a cargo ship to Australia or America!


Seeing the world autentically through my own eyes. Traveling slowly with as little negative impact as possible.

Raising money for rehabilitation and conservation of natural areas around the world (as much and as many as possible!)

Meeting people and new cultures. And contributing in the local comunities where I can, e.g by offering labor.

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