Yes, so the situation with Corona has worsened in such a degree that I won’t be able to depart in April as first planned. So, for now, the trip has been postponed until the situation and policies of the countries have gone back to a normal state.

Due to Covid-19, my country is under lock-down, leaving most Danes to spend the days at home. The school I work on has been closed, but I still have my job at the local supermarket. Apart from the few shifts I have there, I am too locked in at home. But since I have moved to the boat of my parents for a few weeks, I am not complaining. I wake up to the sound of seagulls and calm waves splashing on the side of the boat. I spend my day walking on the beach and reading. Drinking tea and watching movies at night. And when the urge to be productive hits me, I try to practice new languages for my trip or do more research on route, equipment, bicycle fixing, etc.

Of course, I am extremely devastated that my dream is being postponed, but this situation is serious, and if a privileged girl from the West can’t go on her travel, it is not the end of the world.
Bike 4 Trees will still be realized, but I just got to wait for the right time.

Below are a few night time boat pictures, it is sure nice to be on the water!

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